Congratulations on passing the exam


After their training period at metron eging GmbH, 5 trainees have passed their final exams in the professions chipping mechanic, electronics technician for industrial engineering as well as technical product design and were taken over into a permanent position in the company.

The trainees received a small gift for the achieved degree during a little ceremony with the management and trainers.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for the exciting training period and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

(from left: trainees Ludwig Vogl, Michael Gruber, Marcel Voß, Johanna Blaschke, Corinna Steininger
back left: Stefan Schedlbauer production manager, Sebastian Höpfl operations manager, Christian Aloy trainer, Philipp Kupfer trainer, Matthias Kainz executive manager)

Audi | e-tron GT MW 2021


Audi | e-tron GT MW 2021

Client | Contracting Entity: AUDI AG
Planning | Implementation: Oettle Ferber Associates GmbH
Event Site: Zenith Kulturhalle München

Scope metron eging GmbH:

  • assembly, disassembly and transport
  • driving course with steel frame constructions
  • build up workshop areas
  • 40 m long wind tunnel

Jubilarians 2020


In 2020, the honoring of our long-term employees could only be held in a small circle and in compliance with the regulations with the relevant distance.

The heads of the respective departments, the management and the jubilarians were invited.

20 years: The jubilarians from left to right: Aytunc Gökmen, Michael Marzik and Robert “Roger” Thoma

10 years: The jubilarians front row from left to right: Andreas Steininger, Sascha Meyer, Tobias Stutzig, Matthias Reicherseder and Johann “John” Sammer
Second row from right to left: Bernhard Schober, Dominic Graf, Siegfried Drasch, Stefan Krenn and Wolfgang Nader
(not on the photo: Friedrich Thoma and Josef Gotzl)

Corona test stations | Corona vaccination bus | Corona vaccination center


Corona test stations | Corona vaccination bus | Corona vaccination center

Together with the IMS Rettungsdienst GmbH, we equipped several test stations (Passau-Straubing-Cham-Freyung) in 2020. At the turn of the year and at the start of Corona vaccinations, we converted vaccination buses and expanded vaccination centers. You can find the articles in the Passauer Neue Presse above.

Our team in Eging


Individual dreamteams for every task

Each one of us works hard to master his skills. The precise and efficient collaboration with other skillful workers enables everyone to reach the highest goal:

The perfect form

We set up individual teams of specialists in construction, manufacturing, mounting and logistics. All competency areas are represented within the team from the very start of the project. This guarantees optimal results. The rotation of specialists in new projects creates learning effects, ensuring a permanent improvement and an optimal collaboration in all team constellations.
Although the company employs over 185 workers, a flat hierarchy between team leader, project manager and specialists allows for quick decision making and utmost flexibility.

New apprentices 2020


metron eging GmbH welcomes new apprentices for the year 2020

Since the 1st of September 2020 we are allowed to welcome five new apprenticies in five different departments.
All in all metron eging now trains 18 apprenticies.

We wish you a successful start to your professional life.

Our current job offers can be found here.

13. Training Fair Passau 2020


13. Training Fair Passau 2020

13th Vocational Training Fair Passau 2020 “Vocational Training is the key to future success!”
14th – 15th February 2020

Metron eging GmbH is introducing itself as an apprenticeship company with a booth designed, constructed, built and assembled by our own trainees.
We are very proud to train and employ such eager and hard-working people in our company.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for the excellent collaboration and the impressive result. It was a wonderful experience and an interesting exchange with many visitors and possibly future trainees.

Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself: impressions from the vocational training fair in Passau 2020.


  • Tobias Wasmeier – Production planning steel and metal construction / training instructor
  • Claus Pflie – Personnel dispatching
  • Matthias Kainz – COO / Operations Director


  • Tobias Koller – Trainee construction mechanic
  • Johanna Blaschke – Trainee technical product designer
  • Corinna Steininger – Trainee technical product designer
  • Andreas Ranzinger – Trainee construction mechanic

New apprenticies 2019


metron eging GmbH welcomes new apprenticies for the year 2019

On 1st September 2019, we were happy to welcome three new apprenticies to the company.
We wish you a successful start to your professional life.

Metron eging GmbH trains many professions in various fields:

  • construction mechanic
  • cutting machine operator
  • electronics engineer for operating technology
  • wood mechanic
  • vehicle painter
  • specialist for warehouse logistics
  • office administrator

We are currently occupying 17 apprenticies in those fields.

Jubilarians 2019


The works meeting on April 1st 2019 was taken as an occasion to honor the following employees:
from the left: Matthias Kainz, Christian Kainz, the jubilarians of 10 years: Yozcu Vahdi, Ulrich Stockinger, Wolfgang “Joe” Seidl, Siegfried Schiermeier, Walter Praml
from the right: Sebastian Höpfl, the jubilarians of 20 years: Markus Gsottberger and Christian Endl

Not on the picture: Roman Schubert, Harald Eggenberger and Roland Grill