Donation run of the GMS Eging

Donation run of the GMS Eging

In fine weather, the students of grades 1 to 9 of the elementary and middle school (GMS) Eging am See met in the spa park in Eging. At this year’s charity run the students looked for different sponsors who donated a certain amount per lap. Everyone was allowed to support the runners.

In total, each running group had 20 minutes to complete as many laps as possible on the 400-meter course.

This year we again supported the charity run financially and we also provided tables, benches and pavilions.

The donation result goes in equal parts to the aid project “Mission Dindefelo” in Senegal and to the animal shelter in Passau. One third of the donation remains at the school and is used for a violence and prevention program.

Job application training of the school GMS Eging

Job application training of the school GMS Eging

On Friday, 24th March 2023, the 9th grade of the primary and secondary school Eging visited us for a job application training.

In class, the pupils were informed about how important it is to have a well-structured application that contains all relevant information.

The preparation for a job interview is another important aspect that they wanted to focus on. So, they brought their application folders along to the application training.

The practice interview was conducted by an experienced employee of our company’s HR department, who focused the interview training on how to prepare best for an interview, what questions might be asked and how to respond. They also learned how to improve their appearance and body language in order to make a positive first impression.

Following the interviews, there was a feedback session and the opportunity to ask questions.

We would like to thank the group of pupils for their interest and commitment and hope that we can continue to help support young people on their way into the world of work in the future.

Company tour for the school ‘GMS Eging’

Company tour for the school ‘GMS Eging’

On Wednesday, 30.11.2022 the 8th classes and two teachers of the school ‘GMS Eging’ visited metron eging GmbH for a company tour.

During the interesting lecture and presentation of Mr. Matthias Kainz, the pupils learned a lot about the company, the possible apprenticeships and their requirements and activities.

He also emphasized the importance of internships or vacation work in order to get to know the desired training properly and to make the right choice for their own professional future. A big advantage of metron eging is that you can try out several different professions in only one company.

Particularly captivating was the compiled film about some trade fairs and events that metron eging has carried out. Through the time lapses, one could witness how such a trade fair stand is created.

Before the tour of the company started, the guests enjoyed butter pretzels and drinks.

Many impressions were gathered during the tour. The pupils were given the opportunity to visit all departments, observe employees and clarify many questions. They also learned about the machine equipment and our trainees gave a vivid presentation of their respective professions.

Afterwards, everyone came together again for a joint question and answer session. After all questions had been answered, the classes were bid farewell with a final group photo and gift bags.

We are looking forward to further visits and to welcoming some interns and soon also new apprentices next year.