10 km run in Palma de Mallorca

Tina Fischl finishes 3rd overall in the 10 km race at the port of Palma

As part of the training camp on the sunny island of Mallorca, endurance specialist Tina Fischl from Fürstenstein opted for a faster pace in the 10 km run along the port of Palma. More than 6,000 runners were registered for this excellently organized event.

Tina who currently is in the middle of her preparations for the upcoming racing season in Mallorca, had already won the half marathon here in Palma a few years ago and now wanted to compete with the best over the 10 km run.

The starting shot was fired punctually at 9:00 am in front of the breathtaking backdrop of La Seu Cathedral.

As expected, the race was started very quickly by the young foreign runners. Tina Fischl kept her nerve and didn´t want to go too fast right from the start. The first 5 km of the course along the port of Palma went really well due to the light tailwind, but Fischl already suspected at the turning point that the way back towards the finish would be really tough.

The eventual winner Barbara Vahalikova from the Czech Republic was about 200 m ahead right from the start. The Spaniard Yessica Perez Torente and Tina Fischl tried not to let the gap get too big. Fischl fought head-to-head with the Spaniard against the wind and the slight climb towards the finish.

Hundreds of cheering spectators along the course created a great atmosphere and the runners were duly celebrated at the finish line in front of the cathedral. Only 13 seconds behind the Spaniard, Tina Fischl finished as the fastest German athlete in an excellent 3rd place overall with a time of 37:36 minutes. The personal trainer left the competition far behind in her age group and deservedly secured gold here.

Tina Fischl at the finish: “I´m really very happy with the result. A race that I ran out of training and integrated as a tempo run into a week with around 700 kilometers of cycling and 100 kilometers of running. I´m looking forward to the upcoming races of the season and I am absolutely motivated”.

Photo documentation: © Alex Fischl

Commanding victory for Tina at the ‘Messelauf‘ in Ried i. Innkreis

Commanding victory for Tina at the ‘Messelauf‘ in Ried i. Innkreis

Over 350 participants took part in the four- and ten-kilometer races at the traditional ‘Messelauf‘ (fair run) in Ried im Innkreis. Tina Fischl won the ten-kilometer race in good conditions.

As the repeat winner and record holder over this distance, she remained in control and led the race from the start. She crossed the finish line with a lead of almost three minutes and a time of 37:12 minutes. Fischl was extremely satisfied with her performance.

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Photo documentation: © Alex Fischl

29th Bad Füssing Thermal Marathon 2024

Tina Fischl defies wind and weather and runs a strong marathon time

Tina Fischl had her sights set high at the 29th Johannesbad thermal marathon in Bad Füssing. Fischl had already won all distances of the Bad Füssing marathon in recent years and therefore knew what to expect. The experienced endurance specialist had trained for many hours for this event. Fischl had hence done her homework and wanted to prove her skills on the marathon distance.

It is well known in the running scene that the marathon cannot be compared with any other competition. Anything can happen over the 42 km distance, and you never know in advance whether or how well you will finish.

The athletes were sent out onto the course punctually at 10:00 am. The cold, wet weather and, above all, the sometimes strong wind were not exactly ideal for a perfect run over the 42-kilometer distance.

Tina Fischl was feeling good, quickly found her rhythm and was moving quickly with a good average of 4.

With Petra Pastorova, Fischl had strong competition this year and the Czech took the lead of the women’s field right from the start.

Fischl tried to run her race in second place. Her respect for Pastorova’s marathon times from previous years was immense.

The personal trainer from Fürstenstein ran the half marathon in a very good time of 1:25 hours. The Czech Pastorova was only about 90 seconds ahead and the third-placed runner in the overall field was a few minutes behind Fischl.

Everything went according to plan up to the 35th kilometer, Fischl was able to keep her pace consistently high, but the gap to Pastorova didn’t get any smaller.

The final kilometers of the course were a tough battle for everyone, with Tina trying to pick up the pace again to get closer to the leader. However, Pastorova held on and did not let the victory slip away on this day.

In an excellent time of 2:52 hours, Tina Fischl then crossed the finish line exhausted but overjoyed. She was very satisfied with the race and achieved 2nd place overall behind the strong Czech Pastorova. Fischl was able to improve her marathon time from 2023 by over 7 minutes, which indicates a very good level of training and therefore a great start to the season.

Photo documentation: © Alex Fischl

Mountain Attack 2024

Tina Fischl defends her title at the toughest touring ski race in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Tina Fisch has once again won the Schattberg Race as part of the Mountain Attack in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, the toughest touring ski race in Austria. In the 26th edition of this event, more than 900 athletes from 18 nations took part to show off their skills in the Schattberg Race (1,017 altitude meters), the Tour (2,036 altitude meters, 5 peaks) or the Marathon (3,010 altitude meters, 6 peaks) in Saalbach.

Tina Fischl, who had already won last year and was considered the favorite, arrived early, and familiarized herself with the demanding course. The steep slope directly after the start was particularly challenging. Fischl carefully planned her route and the use of crampons in order to remain competitive in this difficult section.

The race began punctually at 4 p.m. in front of thousands of spectators in the center of Saalbach. The athletes sprinted through the village to the foot of the Schattberg steep slope, put on their skis and fought their way up over 1,000 altitude meters to the summit of the Schattberg.

Tina Fischl had a perfect start and mastered the steep slope confidently, despite the dangerous conditions. After this passage, she continued at her pace and only found out later that she was leading the race at this point.

Fischl proved her strength again in the second part of the race, mastering the steep sections and reaching the middle station with optimum grip on her skis. However, the conditions became extreme in the last few meters below the Schattberg mountain station with strong winds, snowfall, and temperatures of around -12°C.

The joy at the finish line was huge, as Tina Fischl once again won Austria´s toughest SKIMO race with an impressive personal best time of 53:10 minutes. Theresa Kober from Salzburg (+1:37) and Lisa Münsterer from Germany (+7:33) followed in second and third place.


Photo documentation: © Alex Fischl & ©nmc/mountainattack/wildbild

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You can find more pictures at: https://www.picdrop.com/wildbild/ma24

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Vertical-SKIMO-RACE at Asitz in Leogang

Tina Fischl surprises with gold and silver ahead of Geerman SKIMO team squad athlete

This year´s vertical ski touring race in Leogang was pretty extreme. More than 120 mountain ethusiasts were registered for this event in which a total of 1,000 m of climbing had to be completed over a distance of just 4km. The conditions on this winter evening were once again very rough for the athletes. The thermometer showed -7°C at the start and an icy -13°C at the finish at the Asitz mountain station (1,752 m)

The well-known endurance specialist Tina Fischl also wanted to compete with the best SKIMO athletes this year. Fischl was highly motivated

For this night race, which started at 6 p.m. at the valley station of the Asitz cable cars, the athletes in their thin racing suits really had their work cut out for them in the run-up to the race in order to warm up optimally.

Everyone was happy when the starting gun was fired on time. The specialists in this sport set the place right form the start and sprinted straight up the start climb. Tina Fischl had great difficulty here in not completely losing touch with the fast girls. Up to the first steep slope, Tina had to set a really hard pace to catch up again.

At full speed, she entered the steep slope, where the experienced mountain sports athlete managed to overtake some of the women. There was no time to take a deep breath, not even after the steep slope, where it flattened out a little. Due to the darkness, Tina Fischl had absolutely no idea what position she was in at this point and how many women were in front or behind her.

The further up they went, the colder and windier it became.

After completing the somewhat flatter section above the middle station, Tina Fischl picked up the pace again and was then able to overtake another fast squad athlete from Austria on the steep slope near the top station. The last few meters of altitude were extremely rough, as the slope was icy, and the skis hardly had any grip.

Tina Fischl fought to the end and was then overjoyed at the finish as the winner of the master´s classification and the second fastest lady overall. The mountain specialist was very satisfied with her performance on the day as she had not expected such a great result.

The personal trainer from Fürstenstein was the fastest German athlete and only the 20 years younger Austrian, Linda Wilhelmstätter, finished a few seconds ahead of Fischl. Fischl was able to leave the German SKIMO team squad athlete far behind during the race.


Tina Fischl ends 2023 with a commanding victory at the New Year´s Eve race in Wels

Tina Fischl ends 2023 with a commanding victory at the New Year´s Eve race in Wels

For a fitting end to the year, Tina Fischl decided to take part in the New Year’s Eve run in Wels this year. She had already won this race once before in 2016 (with a course record of 17:14 min.).

The race on the 1.7km circuit around the city center of Wels went very well for Tina right from the start. She was immediately able to pull away from her competitors. The endurance specialist from WSV Otterskirchen set a very fast pace and wanted to leave nothing to chance.

After her first lap, Tina was already about 30 seconds ahead of the second-placed runner and extended her lead further. Tina showed no weakness in the second lap either and continued to push.

In the end, in an outstanding time of 17:50 minutes, Tina was able to run into the town square of Wels as the confident winner.

Tina was more than happy with her result, as she was able to round off a very successful season with this victory. Moreover, as a mountain and long-distance runner, it’s quite a performance to leave the entire women’s competition behind her also on a short distance.

Full of motivation, we are now looking forward to the upcoming events of the 2024 season.


Bayerwald Award 2023

Bayerwald Award 2023

The ‘Bayerwald Award’ is a prestigious award in the Bavarian Forest that honors the diversity and beauty of the region.

The concept will be continued and expanded for 2023 with 13 categories now honoring athletes, mountain hut operators, online presences and environmental protection.

The “Sportswoman of the Year – Trail” award went to Tina Fischl at the award ceremony on November 4, 2023.

The Bayerwald Award is a symbol of the people’s pride and attachment to their homeland and promotes the region’s reputation and future.



Petzl City Nightrun Salzburg

Tina runs strong race and wins silver

Not yet fully recovered from the 27km race around the Wolfgangsee, Tina decided to integrate her tempo training into a competition. The Petzl City Nightrun in Salzburg, which was held as part of the Trail Running Festival, was just the thing. The 5.5km racecourse ran through the narrow streets of Salzburg. Thousands of spectators loudly cheered on the runners in perfect weather. A great atmosphere on a very demanding course. The race was approached from the start with an incredibly high pace and only the best could keep up in the leading group. It was a hard fight for the places of the elite ladies in the middle of Salzburg. In the last climb towards the end of the race, Tina gave it her all and broke away with a runner from Latvia. Then in the downhill towards the finish Tina had to let go a bit. With only 15 seconds behind the track specialist Agatha Strausa from Latvia, Tina was rewarded with the excellent 2nd place overall after 18:55 minutes.

More results and videos of the Salzburg Trailrunning Festival can be found at:


51st International Wolfgangsee Run

Tina Fischl fastest European in the race around the lake

A total of 4,941 athletes from 48 nations took part at the 51st International Wolfgangsee Run last weekend in perfect running weather.

After Tina Fischl has already proven several times in recent weeks that her form is really outstanding at the moment, the endurance specialist wanted to measure herself against the international running elite on the classic distance over 27 km and 340 meters of altitude.

In the further course of the race, it was a hard fight for the podium places.

Lying in 3rd place, Tina worked her way closer and closer to the Kenyan athlete running in front of her, with whom she then delivered a very tough head-to-head race from kilometer 21 to the finish in St. Wolfgang.

In the final sprint, Tina Fischl had to let the 20 years younger athlete from Kenya go but was then extremely happy with her 3rd place Overall Woman, as she had not expected such a good placement here at this race.

Als schnellste Europäerin erfolge dann im Anschluss nach den Interviews mit der österreichischen Presse auch gleich die Flower Zeremonie.

As the fastest European woman, the flower ceremony followed immediately after the interviews with the Austrian press.

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Victory at the 49th International Hochfellnberg Run

Tina Fischl takes the victory and title “Bavarian Mountain Running Champion”

The new 2023 Bavarian mountain running champion is Tina Fischl. The athlete took the title at the 49th International Hochfellnberg Run, Germany’s oldest mountain run, with a four-minute lead over the competition.

The 8.9-kilometer route with an elevation gain of 1074 meters ran from the valley station of the Hochfelln cable car over narrow trails, past beautiful alpine pastures and through challenging terrain up to the mountain station.

Overjoyed and under thunderous applause of the many spectators, Tina Fischl then ran into the finish line as the new Bavarian mountain running champion.

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