Open House Day

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we offered a look behind the scenes for the first time with an open day on Sunday, September 25.

Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., around 2,500 people stopped by to visit us in Grafenauer Straße. What actually happens in the production halls of metron eging who plans, coordinates and manufactures the trade fair appearance of world market leaders such as BMW, Lamborghini, Audi or Siemens, was known to only a few until now.

The representative of the Passau Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Hans Meyer, paid tribute to the company and honored the company anniversaries of the first hour. Also company founder Christian Kainz received a certificate for 25 years of metron eging.

We thank you for your numerous attendance and are glad that you celebrated the 25th anniversary and our success story with us on the open day.

New trainees 2022

metron eging GmbH welcomes new trainees 2022

For 7 new trainees (Julian Tanzer, Rebekka Breitenbach, Leon Mittermeier, Michael Matheis, Philipp Schuster, Jakob Steubl and Julia Ott) the company training in the professions mechatronics technician, vehicle painter, construction mechanic, electronics technician for industrial engineering, technical product designer and office administartion started at metron eging GmbH on 1st September 2022.

On the very first day they received an extensive company presentation from their trainer Mr. Claus Pflie as well as a company tour and an introduction of the department managers.

After being welcomed by the COO Matthias Kainz as well as a safety briefing and lunch together in a restaurant with their trainers, they were released to their departments.

In total, metron eging GmbH is now training 15 apprentices.

We wish them all the best of luck for their start into their professional life.

Testimony review

Time for pride and appreciation

The last year of apprenticeship is now starting for 8 successful trainees of metron eging GmbH.

At the testimonial meeting they were praised for their excellent performance in vocational school and their professional performance was also discussed in personal meetings.

They received their certificates from the vocational school in the apprenticeship occupations of technical product designer, construction mechanic, warehouse logistics specialist and IT specialist for system integration.

Afterwards, the new trainees were welcomed and they left together with their respective trainers for a joint lunch.

From left to right: Sarah Schwendner, Marcus Huber, Christian Zitzelsberger, Philipp Seidl, Sandro Winter, Farid Maharramov, Matthias Kainz (management).

Rear left: Robert Wasmeier (master electrician), Christoph Kirst (master metal construction), Christian Aloy (trainer), Marina Maier (head of finance), Andreas Assert (head of exhibit construction).

Not on the photo: Tobias Gottal & Nico Stefos

Arber Cycling Marathon 2022

Arber Cycling Marathon 2022

The tradition of recent years was continued in 2022 when 16 cyclists started for metron eging GmbH at the 38th Arber cycling marathon.

After arriving together by bus, our cyclists participated as a team in the mountain bike or racing bike routes between 55 km and 125 km.

25 years anniversary party

Value plays a big role for us and we value you a lot | 25 years metron eging

On 2nd July 2022, exactly 25 years after the registration of our business, we threw an anniversary party on our company premises.

The 900 invited employees, customers, business partners and friends as well as suppliers were welcomed on red carpets and enjoyed many highlights and a legendary party until 06:30 am.

VIP guest reception, bars, live music, food trucks, wine lounge, Matrin Frank Live, 90’s party & clubbing and much more.

In our daily business we bring the ideas of our customers to live in the exhibition business. Now we were allowed to build various different areas (among other things wine lounge, coffee shop, dancefloor) for ourselves and convert our design ideas.

Jubilarians 2021 & 2022

Jubilarians 2021 & 2022

In 2021, the celebration in honor of our long-term employees unfortunately had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Now we duly honored them together with the current jubilarians.

A total of 38 jubilarians were presented with gifts and an honorary certificate from the Lower Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce before moving on to the social part of the celebration together with the management and the respective department heads.

Jubilarians 2021:

20-years: Sabine Lippert, Anita Lange (not in the picture: Rene Friedl)
15-years: Christian Friedl, Yvonne Gottwald, Hildegard Harant, Thomas Böhmisch

10-years: Dieter Litwitz, Stefan Gutsmiedl, David Chuchmala, Alfred Fürst, Claus Pflie (not in the picture: Markus Fittigauer, Daniel Schuster, Simone Berger, Felix Fuhs)

Jubilarians 2022:

20-years: Andreas Assert, Martin Lauerer, Michael Hallstein, Gerhard Havel, Severin Reif (not in the picture: Irene Heger)

15-years: Ernst Reichhart, David Kleiber, Jürgen Ulbrich, Josef Stockinger (not in the picture: Silvia Clarke, Silvio Schröder)

10-years: Reinhard Gutsmiedl, Horst Glashauser, Christian Kapfenberger, Eric Rabini, Andreas Resch, Benjamin Laußer, Nikolas Preis, Nico Schuster, Albert Alesch (not in the picture: Ralf Weidemeier)

Congratulations on passing the exam

After their training period at metron eging GmbH, 5 trainees have passed their final exams in the professions chipping mechanic, electronics technician for industrial engineering as well as technical product design and were taken over into a permanent position in the company.

The trainees received a small gift for the achieved degree during a little ceremony with the management and trainers.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for the exciting training period and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

(from left: trainees Ludwig Vogl, Michael Gruber, Marcel Voß, Johanna Blaschke, Corinna Steininger
back left: Stefan Schedlbauer production manager, Sebastian Höpfl operations manager, Christian Aloy trainer, Philipp Kupfer trainer, Matthias Kainz executive manager)

Jubilarians 2020

Jubilarians 2020

In 2020, the honoring of our long-term employees could only be held in a small circle and in compliance with the regulations with the relevant distance.

The heads of the respective departments, the management and the jubilarians were invited.

20 years: The jubilarians from left to right: Aytunc Gökmen, Michael Marzik and Robert “Roger” Thoma

10 years: The jubilarians front row from left to right: Andreas Steininger, Sascha Meyer, Tobias Stutzig, Matthias Reicherseder and Johann “John” Sammer
Second row from right to left: Bernhard Schober, Dominic Graf, Siegfried Drasch, Stefan Krenn and Wolfgang Nader
(not on the photo: Friedrich Thoma and Josef Gotzl)

Our team in Eging

Individual dreamteams for every task

Each one of us works hard to master his skills. The precise and efficient collaboration with other skillful workers enables everyone to reach the highest goal:

The perfect form

We set up individual teams of specialists in construction, manufacturing, mounting and logistics. All competency areas are represented within the team from the very start of the project. This guarantees optimal results. The rotation of specialists in new projects creates learning effects, ensuring a permanent improvement and an optimal collaboration in all team constellations.
Although the company employs over 185 workers, a flat hierarchy between team leader, project manager and specialists allows for quick decision making and utmost flexibility.

Our Team in China

Our Team in China

With retroactive effect from January 1, 2018, we have taken over Beijing Winkels Exhibition & Facilities Co., Ltd. and with it the 80 employees of the two companies Winkels Beijing and Winkels Tangshan.

In metron Beijing which is located in Beijing’s prime location, we now offer the usual innovative and skilled know-how of all office and planning work.

At metron china, which is located only 200 kilometers from Beijing in the city Tangshan, we will design and manufacture according to European quality standards.

With the new locations in China, we are rounding off our portfolio in Europe and Asia to one hundred percent. The decision in favor of China was an important strategic step in order to continue to meet the requirements of our customers as a strong and reliable partner.

The core positions will remain European: Michael Lerch will act as managing director for metron Beijing and as chairman board of directors for metron china. His many years of versatile experience in trade fair and exhibition construction for the European and Asian markets enrich our range of services as a global player. Together we guarantee the professional and efficient realization of your ideas and projects worldwide.