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Interior and the important first impression

Your building serves as your business card – it builds rapport with your customer.
The design and execution of your foyer should mirror you company’s values.

Each foyer is unique. As a manufacturer who loves to go into detail, we produce everything starting with furniture, welcome counters, conference tables, ceiling and wall cladding, flooring, mechanical shading system, building services, access technology for staircases, facades and offices. We tailor all aspects to your individual request and turnkey ready. Our key competencies precision and efficiency ensure the highest quality.

Fantastic facades and the highest level of security for outdoors

There is no second chance for a first impression. This is especially true for the exterior of buildings. The first glance decides, sets the course: Like it or not? That’s why our exterior services are governed by the highest standards of safety and design.

When our core business of trade fair construction was shut down due to the lockdown during the pandemic, we made a virtue out of necessity: we used our expertise in the high-quality production of steel and metal structures as well as in façade work on buildings. Since then, we got a chance to proof our new line of work again and again at public tenders in Germany and Europe. The covid-19 crisis is over. For us, it was the opportunity to position metron eging even more broadly and to secure our existence in the long term.

Merging esthetics and function to create a perfect form is our highest priority, to ensure you enjoy your new interior on a long term base. Please check our references.