Tina Fischl

Victory at the 22nd Wolf Tracking Trail in Fürsteneck

Victory at the 22nd Wolf Tracking Trail in Fürsteneck

On Easter Monday the 22nd Wolf Tracking Trail was held in Fürsteneck. Tina has been able to win the race here several times in the past years. The 10 km course, which includes everything you would expect from a trail run, runs mostly along the beautiful Ilz river and is quite challenging. Again and again there are short, very crisp climbs to master and especially the final climb (with about 1.5 km) high to Fürsteneck, demands everything from the athletes.

From the start a very fast race was run. Tina did not want to leave anything to chance and immediately took the lead in the women’s field. She was able to continuously increase her lead, which finally resulted in an excellent victory with a new course best time.

Overjoyed, Tina was very satisfied with the race and is looking forward to the upcoming events.

Other races in which Tina has competed and which she could win so far:

  • 1st place in the Vertical Touring Ski Race at Mountain Attack
  • 1st place in the overall ranking of the Ismaninger Winterlaufserie
  • 1st place at the thermal spa marathon in Bad Füssing
  • 1st place at the Bavarian Cross Country Championship W35 – W45


Bronze and gold at the Borealis Half Marathon in Linz

Bronze and gold at the Borealis Half Marathon in Linz

Tina Fischl runs confidently to bronze and gold at the Borealis Half Marathon in Linz

11,060 participants from 74 nations, well over 50,000 spectators, cloudy skies with a light breeze – that was the 21st Oberbank Linz Danube Marathon on April 16, 2023!

Endurance athlete Tina Fischl had a lot planned for the half marathon in Linz. In 2014 she was able to run in a victory here and in 2015 a new personal half marathon best time.

The external conditions were almost perfect for a fast race, but the start, for which the highway bridge was closed, was very turbulent.

The starting signal was given at precisely 9:30 a.m. and the top field immediately set a very high pace, as the first 2-3 km went slightly downhill from the highway into the city center. The endurance specialist Tina Fischl from WSV Otterskirchen again took up the challenge at this big event. Fischl approached the race in an experienced manner and did not let the high pace upset her at the beginning of the race. In the women’s main field, she was thus positioned for a long time on a good fourth place.

The course through the city of Linz is not to be underestimated, Fischl already knew that from previous years, as it is always slightly wavy here due to bridges and underpasses and some higher meters had to be overcome. Also, certain sections of the course are very susceptible to wind. In those areas Fischl tried to get some slipstream from a fast group of men in front of her. Until kilometer 10, the personal trainer from Fürstenstein held back a bit to avoid a major drop in performance in the second half of the race. Then Fischl’s pace was stepped up again a bit and after a short time she managed to leave the Austrian Michaela Pilat, who was in third place at the time, behind her.

It was a really tough race that was held here in the middle of downtown Linz. Fortunately, there were thousands of spectators along the course that loudly motivated the runners.

The distance between her and the second-placed top runner from Slovakia was also getting smaller and smaller. Fischl had visual contact and continued to catch up. On the last kilometer of the course through the pedestrian zone of Linz she tried everything to make up another place. The partly wet cobblestone surface was very difficult to run here and thus only 20 seconds were missing on second place at the finish line.

The fastest German athlete Tina Fischl, with her time of 1:21:55 hours, was overjoyed at the finish line and was quite positive about the race, since only the Australian Vanessa Wilson and the Slovak Katarina Lovrantova were faster. Moreover, Tina Fischl won the age group classification of the women W45 clearly with several minutes ahead.

“For me it was interesting to see how fast I can currently run on a flat half marathon. Of course, maybe I should have tightened my pace a bit earlier. But my training is focused on mountain and trail running and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming events in the mountains.” says Tina Fischl.

Viele weitere Infos zum Rennen unter: https://www.linzmarathon.at/


SRT-Protective Factoryteam St. Englmar

SRT-Protective Factoryteam St. Englmar

Our company supports the MTB racing team, SRT-Protective Factoryteam, which is not only convinces through its social work, but also through its sporting achievements. The club has achieved numerous successes in the past and has many gifted young athletes from Bavaria in its ranks. Our donations help the club to achieve its sporting goals and support its members on their way to success. We are proud to be part of an association that not only makes a positive contribution on a social level, but also on a sporting level.



Victory at the Messelauf Ried i. Innkreis

Victory at the Messelauf Ried i. Innkreis

Tina Fischl unbeatable again at the Messelauf in Ried

1st Place at the Messelauf in Ried i. Innkreis

As part of the Ried Sports Fair, the traditional Messelauf took place on Sunday 26th March, 2023. More than 300 athletes participated over the four or ten kilometer distance.

The organizer was already able to report great news on Saturday: Here, more than 500 children were on the move over the different distances. “We are very pleased that we were able to welcome so many children,” said fair director Helmut Slezak.

In good weather conditions with temperatures around 8 degrees and a little wind from the east, the runners were sent out simultaneously and at precisely 11:30 a.m. onto the 4 km or 10 km course around the exhibition grounds.

Among them were four athletes from WSV Otterskirchen. One of them is personal trainer Tina Fischl who has held the course record for this distance here in Ried for years. Also for this year the exceptional athlete from Fürstenstein had planned a lot. She had to run a total of five laps of 2 km each around the exhibition grounds.

Right from the start Fischl was able to catch up with a very fast runner, who, as it turned out later, was “only” running the 4 km. If I had known that,” said Tina Fischl, “I would certainly have planned the race a little better. But I didn’t want to leave a gap so I ran at the same high pace for the first 4 km. Of course, this cost me some energy, which was then simply missing for a faster final time.” The 4 km time run (14:32 min.) in the women’s race was so fast that a new course record was also set here.

Single-handedly, Tina Fischl fought on after the two very fast laps. “Unfortunately, the wind was strong in parts and I had no group where I could get some slipstream,” Fischl summed up.

With a time of 37:34 min. the experienced endurance athlete ran towards an unchallenged victory and had a lead of more than 3 minutes over the runner-up Lena Lechl/CLR Sauwald.

In the men’s race Dominik Hirczy (La Sportiva Mountainrunning Team) who would also have expected a faster time, won with a time of 32:56 minutes.

Alex Fischl, Silke Krautstorfer and Loidl Reiner were also quite satisfied with their results.