Victory at the 22nd Wolf Tracking Trail in Fürsteneck

Victory at the 22nd Wolf Tracking Trail in Fürsteneck

On Easter Monday the 22nd Wolf Tracking Trail was held in Fürsteneck. Tina has been able to win the race here several times in the past years. The 10 km course, which includes everything you would expect from a trail run, runs mostly along the beautiful Ilz river and is quite challenging. Again and again there are short, very crisp climbs to master and especially the final climb (with about 1.5 km) high to Fürsteneck, demands everything from the athletes.

From the start a very fast race was run. Tina did not want to leave anything to chance and immediately took the lead in the women’s field. She was able to continuously increase her lead, which finally resulted in an excellent victory with a new course best time.

Overjoyed, Tina was very satisfied with the race and is looking forward to the upcoming events.

Other races in which Tina has competed and which she could win so far:

  • 1st place in the Vertical Touring Ski Race at Mountain Attack
  • 1st place in the overall ranking of the Ismaninger Winterlaufserie
  • 1st place at the thermal spa marathon in Bad Füssing
  • 1st place at the Bavarian Cross Country Championship W35 – W45