Victory at the Expert Trail up the holy mountain

Tina Fischl runs in as overall winner at Andechs Monastery

The area around the Andechs Monastery, which is visible from afar on the Holy Mountain above the eastern shore of Lake Ammersee, was once again the venue for a very special trail event on the last weekend of April 2023.

In fantastic weather with almost summer-like temperatures, a total of around 500 athletes set off on the fantastic trails around the Klosterberg.

On the so-called Expert Trail course, the athletes, including endurance specialist Tina Fischl, had to master a challenging 16 km with crisp climbs and great downhills.

Tina Fischl, who started for WSV Otterskirchen, was already able to celebrate a victory on the expert course in 2018. This year Fischl wanted to build on the last success and set a very high pace right from the start. None of her competitors could follow. Even in the extremely demanding tails, which were partly very muddy due to the rain of the past days, the runner from Fürstenstein was able to gain further ground and extend her lead.

With an excellent time of 1:18:30 hrs. and more than 2min. 30 sec. ahead of the second runner, personal trainer Tina Fischl was able to celebrate her second overall victory in the castle courtyard of Andechs Monastery.