Victory at the Messelauf Ried i. Innkreis

Victory at the Messelauf Ried i. Innkreis

Tina Fischl unbeatable again at the Messelauf in Ried

1st Place at the Messelauf in Ried i. Innkreis

As part of the Ried Sports Fair, the traditional Messelauf took place on Sunday 26th March, 2023. More than 300 athletes participated over the four or ten kilometer distance.

The organizer was already able to report great news on Saturday: Here, more than 500 children were on the move over the different distances. “We are very pleased that we were able to welcome so many children,” said fair director Helmut Slezak.

In good weather conditions with temperatures around 8 degrees and a little wind from the east, the runners were sent out simultaneously and at precisely 11:30 a.m. onto the 4 km or 10 km course around the exhibition grounds.

Among them were four athletes from WSV Otterskirchen. One of them is personal trainer Tina Fischl who has held the course record for this distance here in Ried for years. Also for this year the exceptional athlete from Fürstenstein had planned a lot. She had to run a total of five laps of 2 km each around the exhibition grounds.

Right from the start Fischl was able to catch up with a very fast runner, who, as it turned out later, was “only” running the 4 km. If I had known that,” said Tina Fischl, “I would certainly have planned the race a little better. But I didn’t want to leave a gap so I ran at the same high pace for the first 4 km. Of course, this cost me some energy, which was then simply missing for a faster final time.” The 4 km time run (14:32 min.) in the women’s race was so fast that a new course record was also set here.

Single-handedly, Tina Fischl fought on after the two very fast laps. “Unfortunately, the wind was strong in parts and I had no group where I could get some slipstream,” Fischl summed up.

With a time of 37:34 min. the experienced endurance athlete ran towards an unchallenged victory and had a lead of more than 3 minutes over the runner-up Lena Lechl/CLR Sauwald.

In the men’s race Dominik Hirczy (La Sportiva Mountainrunning Team) who would also have expected a faster time, won with a time of 32:56 minutes.

Alex Fischl, Silke Krautstorfer and Loidl Reiner were also quite satisfied with their results.