13th Herzogstadtlauf Straubing

Tina Fischl defies bad weather and runs to a confident start-finish-victory

A total of almost 6,000 participants were registered for the 13th Herzogstadtlauf in Straubing last weekend. Due to the rather poor weather conditions with temperatures between 3° and 8°C and alternating sunshine, rain and hail showers, only 4,702 runners ultimately reached the finish line.

The exceptional athlete Tina Fischl, who had already won several of the various distances here in previous years, had also travelled to the event. This year, the fitness and personal trainer wanted to measure herself against the competition on the 10 km course through the city of Straubing.

The starting gun was fired, and the runners set a remarkable pace right from the start. Tina Fischl immediately took the lead in the women’s field and set the pace. Only a few male athletes were ahead of her.

The course through the city naturally demanded the athletes’ full concentration, as the constantly changing surface, especially the wet and therefore slippery pavement, was very dangerous.

Thanks to her many years of experience, Tina Fischl naturally knew when and where special care was required, but the pace was really fast in general. After about 5km into the course, her lead over the second-placed lady had already grown to over 3 minutes. Fischl did not have this information on the way, and she continued to push with full focus.

In the end, Tina Fischl achieved a great start-to-finish victory with an outstanding time of 36:50 min. and a lead of more than 9 minutes over the second-placed woman. In addition, only six male runners finished ahead of her.

Photo documentation: © Alex Fischl