Jubilarians 2021 & 2022

Jubilarians 2021 & 2022

In 2021, the celebration in honor of our long-term employees unfortunately had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Now we duly honored them together with the current jubilarians.

A total of 38 jubilarians were presented with gifts and an honorary certificate from the Lower Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce before moving on to the social part of the celebration together with the management and the respective department heads.

Jubilarians 2021:

20-years: Sabine Lippert, Anita Lange (not in the picture: Rene Friedl)
15-years: Christian Friedl, Yvonne Gottwald, Hildegard Harant, Thomas Böhmisch

10-years: Dieter Litwitz, Stefan Gutsmiedl, David Chuchmala, Alfred Fürst, Claus Pflie (not in the picture: Markus Fittigauer, Daniel Schuster, Simone Berger, Felix Fuhs)

Jubilarians 2022:

20-years: Andreas Assert, Martin Lauerer, Michael Hallstein, Gerhard Havel, Severin Reif (not in the picture: Irene Heger)

15-years: Ernst Reichhart, David Kleiber, Jürgen Ulbrich, Josef Stockinger (not in the picture: Silvia Clarke, Silvio Schröder)

10-years: Reinhard Gutsmiedl, Horst Glashauser, Christian Kapfenberger, Eric Rabini, Andreas Resch, Benjamin Laußer, Nikolas Preis, Nico Schuster, Albert Alesch (not in the picture: Ralf Weidemeier)