Hoffmann Group Showroom

Showroom Odelzhausen 2014

Client: Schmidhuber, Munich
Architecture | Concept: Schmidhuber+Partner, Schmidhuber+Kaindl
Event Site: Showroom Odelzhausen 2014, Germany

Scope metron eging GmbH:

  • Execution planning
  • Delivery and Mounting
  • Interior construction (stage construction incl. floor covering, dry construction, benches, glass wall, logos)
  • Exhibits (information pillar, multimedia tables, suspended mobile, sample material wall)

Photographer: Olaf Becker, Munich/Frankfurt

The Hoffmann Group, Europe’s largest branch for quality tools, celebrates its opening of a highly modern Operating Facilities Center in Bavarian Odelzhausen in May 2014. This is the headquarter from which all products, such as the private label GARANT, are dispatched and delivered to Germany, Europe and around the world. The company SCHMIDHUBER has designed and implemented a 500 sq m large ‘Experience Showroom’ within the building, in which clients, suppliers and dealers can learn about the extensive service offering and actually test the products inside a real life setting.